Traditional Paintings & Pencils
Stella - oil on canvas Big Red Cat - acrylic on board Untitled, mixed media including prints of original paintings, pastel, tempera paints Lovebirds - acrylic on mini canvas
Pig - oil on 7x9 canvas Charlotte - acrylic on mini-canvas Ice Cream Cone - acrylic on board Black Pony - oil on mini-canvas
Bygones - acrylic on board Mix Tape - acrylic on board Wild Wanda Goes to Church - oil on board Linda - oil and acrylic on board
Blue House - tempera paint and marker Party Animal - oil on canvas Rat - pencil Possum - pencil
Self portrait - pencil Bones - pencil Dark Matter - acrylic on mini canvas Phoenix - pencil
My boys - pencil  

Painted Objects & Furniture
Painted bench Painted table Gator box Tiger box
Wood frame with horse Wood frame with lyrics and rose Squeezebox box

Handmade Items
Bridal head wreath, Bridal head wreath, Bridal head wreath I make cakes!
Clay tiger head Hand-bound and painted book


Graphic Design
Website Merchant Soiree flyer Merchant Soiree flyer Show flyer
Show flyer Show flyer Logo Tribute to Misfits 'Die Die, My Darling' cover
Business card Show flyer Digital color of pencil sketch Noxmoon
Show flyer Car decal    

Copyright © 2013 Meghan Sastre

I would love to paint your family portrait, sketch your beloved canine, paint that old side table with a funky pattern, or boost your business with a clean new website. I also do bridal headwreaths when I find the time!

• No-nonsense websites
• Oil & acrylic paintings
• Portraits
• Repurposed furniture
• Hand illustration
• Logos and identity
• Handmade gifts of all kinds