A Cannibal

“I will feast upon your flesh”, it said.  I desperately fled and climbed to hide.  My throat was dry. It hurt to whisper my reply.  “I will gather my strength, and come down from my high place.  Woe to you then.”  After a small meal of turtleback innards, I descended.  Taking my crude sword in hand,  I shielded myself with the bones of past victory.  I thrust forwards.  The topless cannibal made its move.  There was a clash of stone to bone.  Then came the swinging of my sharpened stone fastened to a branch with twine.  One lunge and three swipes with my blade, and the thing separated and spewed.  It was as horrific as it was glorious, realizing I had vanquished the thing which had intended me as a feast.  I stood over the pitiful form, and with axe in hand, chopped it and removed its hide for use as my boot lining.  I was tired, and sticky red.  I breathed in the welcome air.  My senses were heightened.  Hearing bubbling swirls of water, I cleared a way through bushes to a cool stream.  I toppled in, and drank freely of the gift of life.  My world seemed bearable then.

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